SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL of the Hungarian Society of Cardiology

Incidentally recognised Aortic Arch Interruption is an adult

█ Case report

DOI: 10.26430/CHUNGARICA.2019.49.4.284

Németh Nóra1, Ágoston Gergely1, Illés Blanka1, Bogáts Gábor2, Babik Barna3, Barzó Pál4, Pálinkás Eszter5, Varga Albert1
Szegedi Tudományegyetem, Általános Orvostudományi Kar,
1Családorvosi Intézet,
2II. számú Belgyógyászati Klinika és Kardiológiai Központ, Szívsebészeti Klinika,
3Aneszteziológiai és Intenzív Terápiás Intézet,
4Idegsebészeti Klinika,
5Szegedi Tudományegyetem Általános Orvostudományi Kar, Szeged


In the vast majority of cases interrupted aortic arch is incompatible with extra uterine life. The affected neonates die during the first postnatal week, after the closure of ductus arteriosus. However, patients with strong collaterals between the two half of the body may survive to adulthood. However long, symptom free survival is still unique. This case report describes a case of an incidentally recognized aortic arch interruption in a seemingly healthy 39 years old male. Our patient was presented with presyncope, high blood pressure, chest pain, and headache. A rare multiplex congenital anomaly was found: type A aortic arch interruption accompanied by bicuspid aortic valve with a severe stenosis, and morphologic signs of hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy (HOCM) and intracerebral aneurysms. The patient was successfully stabilised medically, and surgical repair was carried out. The aortic interruption was bridged, the intracerebral aneurysms were clipped. Our patient had an uneventful postoperative recovery with good functional result. Our report presents description, types and treatment options for interrupted aortic arch. It also describes the necessary considerations and steps of his staged reconstructive surgery, and events of his follow up.


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