SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL of the Hungarian Society of Cardiology

5. Peer Review Process

Submission of articles is via an online system ( In selected cases, e-mail submissions may be considered for publication.

The editor-in-chief screens the submission to see if it is appropriate for the journal and if the manuscript preparation instructions were followed. If the submission is deemed not suitable, it will be rejected after the initial screening (within 7 days).

When the manuscript passes initial screening, the editorial board invites two reviewers, who are national or international experts in the field, to review the manuscript. Depending on their availability, further invitations may be required. The deadline for reviewers is 21 days from receiving the manuscript.

Cardiologia Hungarica applies a single anonymized peer review process.

Reviewers need to use a structured approach during the process and assess the following areas:

  • linguistic correctness,
  • quality of writing,
  • adherence to formatting requirements,
  • quality of tables and figures,
  • tables and figures are adequately illustrating/supplementing data and information presented in the article,
  • references included are adequate in number and quality to support the article,
  • the article is unbiased,
  • the statistical method used is appropriate for the dataset and was applied correctly,
  • reproducibility of the study (the methods section is sufficiently detailed so that the whole study could be reproduced based on the information presented),
  • scientific rigor,
  • overall quality of content,
  • interest to the general audience.

If the reviewer finds major issues with the manuscript, they can reject it without thorough analysis. Once the review is finished, the reviewer will submit a recommendation to accept or reject the manuscript, or request a revision from the author, flagging major and minor issues. The author has 21 days to respond to the comments of the reviewers. After submission of the modified manuscript, the reviewers receive it again and continue the review process. After they reach a final decision, reviews are uploaded to and are available for viewing for the author only. The author receives a notification e-mail once the reviews are finalized.

The editor-in-chief will make the final decision on whether to accept or reject the manuscript based on the received reviews. Generally, if two of the three reviewers favor the manuscript, then it will be accepted. If the reviews differ widely, the editor may invite an additional reviewer in order to get a supplementary opinion before making a final decision.

Download the Hungarian version of Reviewer’s guide